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Gunter Hampel wird 80 – celebrate ! 31.August 2017 –  Gretchen

Gunter Hampel wird 80 – celebrate ! 31.August 2017 – Gretchen

„on the surface, they can still exercise their iniquitous laws, fight, devour each other, and indulge in all their earthly horrors. but eighty feet below the surface, their power ceases, their influence fades, and their dominion vanishes. ah, monsieur, to live in the bottom of the sea! there i recognize no master! there i am free!“

80.000 hampel gunter dem meer


cpt. gunter hampel’s

80’s birthday bash

music and dance improvisation company,

omniversal earkestra,

friends, family, gunter and you

thursday, the 31st

of august, around 20:30, at


obentrautstr. 19 – 21

10963 berlin – kreuzberg

Gunter Hampel 3

am donnerstag, den XXXI.VIII.MMXVII, dem letzten tage im erhabenen augustus, tauchen wir, als teil der sieben großen ansammlungen, ohne hänsel, im gretchen, 80.000 meilen über dem meer, mit dem allwissenden octogenarian gunter hampel und seinen galaktisch improvisierenden traumtänzern, jubilierend und gratulierend, in die hängenden unterwassergärten, des achtzigarmigen vibraphonflötenmeisterbassklarinettensaxophonpianoschamanen, ein, um mit ihm und seiner vielfüssigen familie, an seinem wiegenfeste, auf der suche nach dem inneren lied, den walzer für 3 universen in einem korridor, vogelfrei auf dem dritten stein vor der sonne, zu tanzen und alles was wir hätten sein können, wenn charles mingus unser vater gewesen wäre, zu zelebrieren, damit wir, dich, deinen geminiden, den raum und alles reale aus von unten, transformieren, gut drauf bleiben und endlich, bitte, durchblicken.
wilhelm tell sagt:“der hampel im haus erspart den dachdecker.“
the omniverse says: „happy birthday gunter.“
jubilation, celebration and congratulation by:

Gunter Hampel (vibraphon, bassclarinet)

Cavana Lee-Hampel (vocal)

Johannes Schleiermacher (tenor saxophon)

Bernd Oezsevim (drums)

Ruomi Lee-Hampel (dance)

Magdalena Dzeco (dance)

Danilo Cardoso (dance)

Chin Mei (dance)

Fabian Engwicht (trumpet)

Johannes Böhmer (trumpet)

Fritz Moshammer (trumpet)

Robin Langner (trombone)

Andrej Ugoljew (trombone)

Benjamnin König (tuba)

Samuel Hudson (alto saxophone)

Paul Berberich (alto saxophone)

Franz Stahl (bariton saxophone)

Fabiana Striffler (violin)

Sidney Werner (bass)

mood ingodo (ghosts’n’possessions)


feat. The Omniversal Earkestra

Donnerstag, 31. August 2017

Der 1937 geborene Multiinstrumentalist Gunter Hampel ist ein Pionier des Free Jazz in Deutschland. Anders als viele seiner Weggefährten hat er keine Vorbehalte gegenüber jüngeren Musiker_innen und liebt genreübergreifende Projekte, etwa die Verbindung zwischen Hip-Hop und improvisierter Musik. Unermüdlich wie Hampel ist, steht er zu seinem 80. Geburtstag am 31. August selbst auf der Bühne und feiert sein Werk mit vier außergewöhnlichen Tänzer_innen und der Sängerin Cavana Lee-Hampel. Zur Befeuerung dieses Ereignisses hat er das Omniversal Earkestra auserkoren, die einzige Big Band der Stadt, die jeden Montag spielt, und zwar zu Ehren des afroamerikanischen Jazzmystikers und Komponisten Sun Ra. Eigens für diesen Anlass besetzt sind der Tenorsaxofonist Johannes Schleiermacher und der Schlagzeuger Bernd Oezsevim, die Hampel bereits Ende der 1990er Jahre zu Mitstreitern seines Trios machte. Außerdem sind im Earkestra einige der interessantesten Nachwuchsmusiker_innen Berlins versammelt, der Zeremonienmeister Mood Ingodo wird das Programm mit den Kompositionen Hampels durch die ein oder andere Verkündigung oder Brandrede abrunden – insgesamt ein Abend mit allen Schikanen.

Bildergebnis für saturn

Hampel was an early starter, taking piano lessons from the age of four. By the time he was 16, he could also play recorder, accordion, clarinet, saxophone, and vibes. He was first exposed to jazz when American troops occupying his hometown of Göttingen at the end of World War II listened to jazz on the Armed Forces Network and Willis Conover’s Voice of America shows, his earliest influence being Louis Armstrong, but also taking in European classical and folk music with open ears. He started playing all styles of jazz, from Dixieland to bebop, with his own bands, and also composed material for them. After studying architecture while continuing to play music on the side, he started playing jazz professionally in 1958, and six years later formed the Heartplants quintet, which included Alexander von Schlippenbach and Manfred Schoof, whose self-titled album was Hampel’s first recording, released on Saba Records: it was even rated five stars in Down Beat magazine! Hampel began touring Europe and elsewhere for festivals. He started a long personal and musical partnership with vocalist Jeanne Lee in 1967. In the late 60s, he recorded for the Wergo and ESP labels and played with Marion Brown, Anthony Braxton, John McLaughlin, Cecil Taylor, Steve McCall, Pharoah Saunders and Sonny Sharrock. His apartment in downtown New York saw such prestigious names as Archie Shepp, Ed Blackwell, Frank Wright, Enrico Rava, Jaco Pastorius, David Murray, Sam Rivers … and Jimi Hendrix drop by for rehearsals.

Since then, Gunter Hampel has continued to delight audiences and collectors alike with his never-ending stream of concerts and record releases on his Birth label, playing with musicians as diverse as Bill Frisell, Joachim Kühn, Albert Mangelsdorff, Perry Robinson, Sunny Murray and Andrea Centazzo. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch the man in action with his trio, dancers and the blastiferous Omniversal Earkestra on the 31st!

And to wet your appetite: there is a DVD of last year’s Omni-Hampel feast available on Birth. Just go forth to Gunter’s website.


come by (or send your enemies), see, listen, have a good flight, open your safety belt and your ass will follow.

'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' by Neuville and Riou 027.jpg




Now’s your chance to treat yourself to another nutricious helping of Christine Seraphin and Paul Berberich’s homegrown soul stew, under their stage name SoulSom.

This will take place on Saturday, January 28 at Café Haberland, on top of the U-Bahn station Bayerischer Platz, starting at 21:00 hours, as part of the „Jazz on the Roof“ series of events.

Jazz on the Roof at Café Haberland

Christine’s website

Paulophon’s Facebook page




We are glad to announce that Paul Berberich is organizing a new series of concerts in Café Klangwerk starting from December 11, 2016 every second Sunday of the month. On each occasion, a couple of musicians who also happen to be a couple in their daily life will be invited to share the fruits of their creative partnership. Food and drink will be available in abundance. Entry is free, and a pot will be passed around in customary Berliner fashion at the end of the show for those willing to give a small contribution.

The debut concert, by Paul and his wife Christine Seraphin under the stage name SoulSom, will take place on Sunday, December 11, at 17:00, when they will play a repertoire of songs old and new, with a few famous standards thrown in.

Café Klangwerk

Kaiserin-Augusta-Str. 12





Fans of Paul „Paulophon“ Berberich’s saxophonic prowess will be pleased to learn that his trio ZUR SCHÖNEN AUSSICHT is about to publish a new album on the WhyPlayJazz label called „Willkommen Zuhause“. These leading lights of the „Dresdner Schule“ are going on a two-week tour to promote it, culminating in a concert on December 4th, 20:00 hours, at the A-TRANE club. Everything on this album was recorded in one take, in order to capture the uniqueness of the ZSA live experience.  for further dates





All you unfortunate people who didn’t catch The Omniversal Earkestra sizzling concert in tandem with Amanar on September 26th now have a chance to catch up next year, as the Amanar Earkestra have been invited to play at Würzburg’s Africa Festival, taking place from May 25th to May 27th. The programme hasn’t been published yet, but we’ll keep you informed when it appears.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to drop by and let your hair down to the Earkestra every Monday for the next few weeks, as live recording is still underway there for the Omnies‘ new album. Whoops and hollers are welcome, feel free to shake it loose!

You can also see a couple of clips from the last concert on the „Mali Blues“ Facebook page. Just scroll down to September 27!